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Writing means many things: planning, creating, using good language, being original, rewriting, editing, among many others. EVERYTHING oll be part of your: 



Resultado de imagen para PORTFOLIOENTRY #1

Let's begin by creating our PORTFOLIO. It'll be the physical (or
virtual) place where you are going to add your drafts, written productions, extra material, etc. Start by adding a COVER, introducing yourself, objectives (personal or group) for the subject,  etc.
Deadline: April 19.

stella ;-)

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  1. Hi! I´m Ignacio Britos, a third year student whose objectives for this subject - apart from achieving a passing mark - are to learn more tools for expressing myself when writing as well as acquiring useful knowledge for teaching and correcting.
    Apart from attending to all the subjects I´m also doing the "cbc" at Uba and at the moment I´m playing in two bands.
    see you in class!

  2. Hi everybody! I'm Florencia Graña and this is my third year at the institute. Apart from attending written expression 3 and two other subjects from third, I'm attending my last two subjects from second year. My objective for this year is basically to improve my written skill because in my case I believe writting is my weakness because I usually get nervous during tasks which involve not only writing but also create and imagine and that's why I think that Writing is more complex than it seems.
    As a way of relaxing after studing, I enjoy playing the guitar and listening to music.
    I hope you have a great year!

  3. Hi!! I'm Elisabet Laniewski. I'm attending Written Expression 3 and Lense 2. I have already attended Portuguese and Española from fourth year.
    During this year I want to learn more about grammar, because I think it's very important to explain our students how to write or express themselves in a correct way.
    In addition, I need tools to improve my writings.
    Finally, it will be important to study more about the origin of English Language in order to understand why English is so important arround the world.
    Apart from that, I'm also teaching in Eccleston School, I go to the gym and I attend the New Apostolic Church. I love going to the cinema, and listening to music.

    See you in class.

  4. Welcome aboard. Remember you have to introduce yourselves briefly here and IN DETAIL in your own portfolio.
    stella :-)

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  6. Hello ! I'm Omar,My age is not important .I work for a contruction firm in the mornings and weekends .I live with my wife and my four children. I do not believe that this is my third year in the prof.This is something really owesome for me.I will try to do my best for improving my writings as well as the use of grammar, my goals are to keep on improving everyday.